Moldova is a fertile land. Generations of winemakers crafted our wine with dedication, through centuries. The country’s wineries gained worldwide fame. The past and the present intertwined in our legend, inspiring the future of our victories.

The Moldovan wine is produced with care by talented winemakers from grapes that are picked from rich vineyards with local varieties and international varieties adjusted to the local terroir. It expresses the authenticity and traditional style of winemaking for consumers who are looking for adventure.


Amore Fruttis is a new player in the hot and growing moscato category. Amore Frutti is delicious frizante moscato with some of the most popular fruit flavors.

Drink it chilled or mix up your favorite cocktails with it.

With only 6% of alcohol and low calories count per serving Frutti Amore lets you enjoy great time without worrying about counting calories.