Global Drinks Finland have contacted Jewish religious authorities in order to have Moses Vodka certified as kosher for Passover. Ingredients used for manufacturing, as well as the whole production process of Moses Vodka, were inspected in order to obtain proper certification.

In order to bring you the first super premium kosher for Passover vodka, the staff at Global Drinks Finland is paying an extra attention for all the details involved in the Moses Vodka production process.

This includes a careful selection of raw ingredients, cleaning the bottling line with boiling water, the usage of single-use materials in the production process wherever possible, strict hygiene rules to follow by the personnel throughout manufacturing and packaging.

Major updates in Kosher process

While Rabbi Yaakov Westheim, the Head of Badatz Igud Rabbonim headed in Manchester UK, is still supervising the distillation process and making sure sugarcane is transformed into pure spirit using methods and machinery compliant to kashrut laws, the supervision in the vodka’s mixing process has gone through major updates.